Although most people are still familiar with cannabis flowers, CBD hemp flowers are a relatively new term. So now, people don’t even know the difference and should face it, I don’t blame them. Although hemp has been around for centuries, it has returned to the mainstream news thanks to creations like CBD Moon Rock and CBD Vape Oil. The CBD has recently made headlines with the passage of the Farm Bill and the story has provided relief to several victims following the story of the cannabinoids. For this reason, I would like to take the time to explain the differences between CBD hemp flowers and marijuana flowers and address some of your concerns about CBD.

Delta 8 THC Flower

First things first.

Let’s talk about cannabis. I know the word marijuana comes to most people even though we are going to be higher, marijuana is actually just a classification of plants. There are two species under the cannabis classification and they are hemp and marijuana. From here marijuana branches into more subspecies, Indica and Sativa, but we will save it for another article. What this means is that science makes a distinction between hemp and cannabis, but technically, they are both from the same cannabis family.


CBD hemp flowers and cannabis flowers that grow are part of both. Although their physical appearance is quite different, each has a similar composition. Both trees have roots, stems, leaves, buds, seeds, stalks and of course flowers. Although cannabis hemp flowers are generally more attractive and prevalent in today’s society, CBD hemp flowers also serve a great purpose. The flower is the top of the plant and is usually used for smoking and eating, as well as for buds. For future growth, the rest of the plant is concentrated for other uses such as oils, mandrakes, tinctures, cloth, rope, paper and of course compost. We will discuss the benefits of flowers in a moment.

So what’s the difference?

There are many differences between CBD hemp flowers and marijuana flowers, but mainly the hemp does not contain enough psychological elements to elevate you. Marijuana contains a lot of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), a chemical compound that makes people feel high. Although hemp is deficient in THC, it contains important cannabinoids that affect our endocannabinoid system (ECS) and help alleviate a number of physical and mental problems. Nationwide CBD sales in the United States must be less than 0.31% THC to meet legal requirements, and there is a difference in the percentage of CBD per plant. On the other hand, marijuana contains up to 25% THC with a limited amount of CBD.

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