How To Consume Your Hemp Flower

Exploring the Flexibility of Your Smokable Flower

The popularity of the smoker flower is growing and it is not surprising considering the benefits and flexibility it gives its users. Instantly, not only is a smoky flower the most enjoyable way to consume CBD, but it is also the best way to guarantee the purity and consistently high quality of the product.

Unlike whip cartridges, creams and oils, smoked hemp flower can also be eaten in a variety of ways. If you are looking for more ways to use your own CBD flowers then we have some ideas to try in your home.

There are many ways to smoke your CBD

When you have some premium smoked ham, the best way to enjoy the full aroma and taste is to smoke it. Here are some ways to try smoking your flax flower:

1 – Joints / Pre-Rolls

The most popular way to eat smoker flowers is to smoke them in a group. You can learn how to make the perfect joint roll here or if you think your own rolling is going beyond you, we also have CBD pre-rolls for sale on site.

CBD Hemp Flower: Everything You Need to Know |

If you are located in a state where marijuana is legal, you can mix CBD and THC flowers for a unique smoking experience.

2 – Pipe / Bong

Investing in a pipe or bong (or both!) This means you can smoke your own shank flower without first rolling in a joint.

You don’t have to break the flower as much before you pack your pipe or bong, so it saves paperwork and time.

Pipes and bongs all come in different shapes and larger models may occasionally feel stiffness in your throat due to the amount of fog that can accumulate in the chamber. However, some more sophisticated bonds will cool the smoke by spreading it through one or more separate sections before it enters your lungs.

3– Make your own food

You can add your CBD flowers to any recipe you like! Many people prefer to mix fatty recipes such as cakes and brownies because the fat allows optimal absorption in the body. You can use your CBD oil extract to replace any recipe that uses butter using the same amount of oil as C, so if your recipe calls for 1 cup of butter, use one cup of oil.

If you have made a slow cooking recipe, you can also grind your own flower and add it directly to the dish. Long, slow seaming will activate the cannabinoids in your diet.

If the recipe you want to enhance with CBD is not cooked slowly, you need to first deck box the flower of your hobby first (in the oven above) and add it directly to the dish along with any herbal you are using.

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