Outdoor Survival – Camping Tent and Hiking Tips

Outdoor Survival:

When you are planning your next camping tent or hiking trip, you usually find yourself going through a checklist. Make sure your camp has tents, backpacks, pocket knives, food and many more items depending on the type of trip you are going on. The thing some people don’t do before they travel is to reintroduce themselves to general survival tips. Most of these tips can be the difference between life and death.

Top 10 Outdoor Survival Skills and Hacks

Make sure you scan the area around you before raising your rent to explore the nature around you. Be aware of any mountains, hills, or any other large landmark in your vicinity. Try to stay in the vicinity of a valley, river or mountain if possible when starting your rent. Simply doing so will help you move in the same direction. The next step seems simple enough, keep the time. Make sure you are aware of the time when you are leaving your camp. By doing this you will know at what rate you are climbing and then when you reach your destination you will know how far you are from the campsite. If you have GPS make sure it is in good condition and you are very familiar with all its settings.

Don’t panic if you miss your chance first! It will not solve the situation and you will lose the energy that can be used towards other things. Sit down to get your thoughts back. Think back and try to take your steps again. Ask yourself, where did I come from? Can I get it back? How long have I been missing? When you come up with a game plan, try to look for places around you, look for a river, look for familiar areas or the highest places that show signs of civilization. You’re probably asking yourself, should I stay or should I continue? To answer this question, you want to make sure you have a safe haven. Next if anyone is unaware of your camp tent trip they may take some time before starting the search. Look around and see if there are any signals from your location. If most of this cannot be answered, then it is probably best for you to continue.

A good rule of thumb is to move away from the hill, as they may lead you to a road or path. Try to leave hints and signals along the way as you walk. This will give someone who can search for your hints and signals. Leaving parts of clothing, making arrows out of sticks or rocks is a great way to find out where you are heading. This still tells them that you are still alive.

If you know that people will search for you, quickly find a safe and clear place where you can have the best chance of being rescued. That moment you must need to know Best Outdoor Survival Tips for Try to find a shiny or glamorous object that can be seen if placed against the light. It can definitely be seen by plane or helicopter. Move the mirror or object backwards so that the reflection can be easily noticed. Another strategy to save lives is creating fire. There are two types of fires for different times of the day. Create a smoky type of fire using wet, damp and green materials during daylight hours. Create a bright burning fire using all the dry ingredients at night. Most people try to shout but can lose their voice. Try to stop the pots and pans instead of using our voice they will really resonate louder than your voice. This is even better if you have a whistle.

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